We, Sheen, are distributors of high performance money counting machines, 100% accurate billing meters are the best way to save time and increase the efficiency of your business. Featuring the entire category of 4K compatible computer cables such as HDMI cables, VGA cables, power cables, network cables, extension cables and many more with gold-plated connectors, true colors and high-speed transmission capabilities. As well as computer accessories made with the best quality, such as dividers, switches, connectors and converters with true and fast transfer function, which ensure work efficiency.

100% Accurate High-Speed Money Counting Machines

Sheen has the best quality high speed money counting machines, 100% accurate bill counters and mixed value counters that you can install as your office product to increase the efficiency of your business. Change your bill counting routine to money counting machines.

Counts 1000 Bills Per Minute

100% Accurate Calculations

All Denominations Compatible

with built-in cutter

Auto Speed & Fast Warm-Up Lamination Machines

cross cut and strip cut

Auto Start, Stop With Self-Oiling Shredding Machines